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New Damper Drum!

The Riblet friction damper works great, but installing the "groove pin" to retain the drum is very difficult to do with a hammer, and the special tool is a bit cumbersome. We've developed a new drum:

As you can see, special hex socket screws are used to hold the tapped drum to the chair clip. When torqued to 25 ft-lb., these screws hold the drum tightly. We've tested this assembly on our chair head oscillating machine for weeks, with no loosening. Even if the screws should get loose, they can't get out, as their hardened protrusion stays in the clip while the screw is held in place by the damper band.

The drum and screws are zinc electroplated for corrosion resistance, and should save their cost in reduced man-hours after one chair relocation.

Simplify your chair installation & relocation...call Owen today for new damper drums and screws!